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The Canopy

The Canopy

Love Blossoms

Edge of the Atlantic

Flo Gabriel – Chillin’ in Kinsale

Merry Christmas

Did you hear the LOL news? make sure to check for more info, there is nothing better than to play your games while drinking a beer.

Blarney Castle

Caherdaniel Village – Early September

Skelligs Sunset

Skelligs Sunset

No filter or enhancement was used for this shot..

Heli Challenge 2010 – ICGH EI-CXS

David Robinson Jewellery, Dublin – Advertising which contains a print which was captured during a Photoshoot with Ruth O’Mahony, displays custom Jewellery provided by David Robinson Jewellery

Studio – June 20th 2010

Retro – 20th June 2010

Forest – 20th June 2010

Kenmare Bay Sunrise

Gougane Barra

Deerrencollig Landscape

Cyprus Avenue

Abstract Cobalt

Southern Brides Wedding Show

Blackwater – Boat House

Blackwater – Frozen Harbour

Derrynane 2009 – Happy Christmas

Electric Picnic – Fruits of the Labour

Electric Picnic – A Flying Success

Electric Picnic - A flying success

Derrynane Long Beach - Breaching the Wave Crest

Derrynane Gardens – Fashion Shoot

Coad Mountain – The Birdy

Coad Mountain - The Birdy

Derrynane Harbour – Reflection

Derrynane Harbour - Reflection

Derrynane Long Beach – Wild Meadow

Derrynane Long Beach - Wild Meadow

St. Finian’s Bay – Shoreline

St. Finian's Bay - Shoreline

Mallow Fashion Show

Mallow Fashion Show


Derrynane Ogham Stone at Night


Derrynane Gardens - Up close and personal

Parknasilla – Piano Man

Parknasilla - Piano Man

Parknasilla – ‘That loving feeling’

Parknasilla - 'That loving feeling'

Parknasilla – Wedding Couple

Parknasilla - Wedding Couple

Parknasilla - Wedding Couple

Sneem – ‘Traditionally on Time’

Sneem - 'Tradition in Time'

Loher – ‘Window to Ireland’

Loher - 'Window to Ireland'

Staigue Fort – ‘Abstract Waterfall’

Staigue Fort - 'Abstract Waterfall'

Derrynane Gardens – Microscopic Detail

Derrynane Gardens – ‘Black Rose’

Derrynane Gardens - 'Black Rose'

Derrynane – Abondoned Shoe

Derrynane - Abondoned Shoe

Abbey Island – Afternoon Red Sandstone

Abbey Island - Afternoon Red Sandstone

This photo was taken on Abbey Island, Derrynane near a large cliff like jump called ‘The Animal’. Strong sun reflecting off this weathered Red Sandstone produced an interesting contrast and lots of shadow. Original image, not converted to B/W.

Derrynane – ‘One amongst many’

Derrynane - 'One amongst many'

Stone Henge – Snow HDR

Stone Henge - Snow HDR

Stone Henge – HDR2

Stone Henge - HDR2

Bristow Norwich – EC155 B1 HDR

Bristow Norwich - EC155 B1 HDR


Dublin – Snow HDR

Dublin - Snow HDR

Derrynane – Long Beach HDR

Derrynane - Long Beach HDR

Wedding Journal Show Citywest - 'Natural Attire'

St. Finian’s Bay – ‘Silver Surfers’

St. Finian's Bay - 'Silver Surfers'


St. Finian’s Bay – Lone Surfer

St. Finian's Bay - Lone Surfer

Killarney National Park – ‘Fading Season’

Killarney National Park – ‘Watery Meadow’

Killarney National Park - 'Watery Meadow'

Derrynane – ‘Tidal Texture’

Derrynane – ‘Untouched’

Derrynane – ‘The Three Suns’

Wedding Car – Rover 95 HDR2

Rover 95 - HDR2

Wedding Car – Rover 95

Wedding Car – Rover 95 HDR

Wedding Car - Rover 95 HDR

This is a Black and White HDR (High Dynamic Range) image of a beautiful Wedding Rover 95 on the roadside near Gleesk, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Caherdaniel Fort – Evening Watch

Final moments of an EOS 40D

It seems my EOS 40D decided to die and go to heaven.. the shutter mechanism failed to work after this photo was taken – this was, as a result, the final photo it ever took. It is now to be sent off for servicing. RIP shutter, you did me proud! I kind of wonder were these gates a metaphor for something..

‘Boggy Forest’

Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly

This Dragon Fly was captured on camera at the end of their season, was at this stage unable to fly any longer (or else had no hesitation to pose for a vast number of photos and angles). Image taken on a hilltop in South West Kerry.

Links Helicopters EC130 B4 EI-LNX

Eurocopter EC130 B4 EI-LNX

Derrynane Gardens – ‘Rain Forest’

Derrynane Gardens – Road Tunnel


Derrynane Gardens – ‘Gold Leaf’

Derrynane Gardens - ‘Gold Leaf’

Electric Picnic – ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’

This is a totally unmodified photo (apart from slight saturation adjustment) of three of the girls who I went with to Electric Picnic. It was taken in front of main stage. Fortunately the three ‘exposures’ you see here are as a result of a very long exposure, my flash and 2 strobes from the main stage resulting in a bizzare and need I say beautiful photograph.

Ardgroom Harbour – Sailing

This image was shot just approaching the entrance to Ardgroom Harbour looking back across to the Kerry side of the Kenmare Estuary.

Waterville Bay

Waterville Bay

Waterville Bay HDR

Florida – ‘ Curiousity’

Florida – ‘Muscle of the Sky’

US Miami Coast Guard in preparation for Space Shuttle Atlantis mission STS-122. Pairs of US Coast Guard helicopters spend lengthy amounts of time in the restricted airspaces of Cape Canaveral prior to the launch of any Space Shuttle mission.

The ‘Vomit Comet’

Tail end of NASA’s Vomit Comet which was captured while on the apron of Space Coast Regional Airport (KTIX) during my stay in Florida for my Helicopter PPL flight training. Parked beside the Bristow Air Center for fuel and maintenance. Monochrome photo is unmodified and uncropped.

Waterfall along the Kerry Way


Miss Ireland – NCAD Fashion Show

Miss Ireland wearing an outfit designed by my sister during the pre-run at the NCAD Fashion Show hosted in Trinity College

Rome – Roma Termini

Roman Humour

Translates to “Worked to Death”

Rome – The Colosseum

During what could have been one of the busiest days at the Colosseum (I guess it couldn’t really ever have a quiet day, it’s spectacular), I managed to capture this image, just about eliminating any of the horrible modern barriers and the floods of people herded through them. Unmodified and uncropped.

Albania – Mosque

Albania – Modern Day Transport of 2007

While en route to the capital city of Albania (Tirana), we passed a number of amazingly old fashioned modes of transport. This photo of a couple on a Honda 50 shows the typical and primative means for which people have to get from A to B as a result of Albania’s social and economic collapse after the collapse  of a nationwide pyrimad scheme which plunged the country into gaining third world status including the collapse of a government in 1997 and riots in which over 2,000 people were killed.

Montenegro – Lonesome Boat

Dubrovnik – The Old City

Dublin – ‘Outgrazed’

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