Camera History

I entered the photography world in 2001 with my first digital camera, before this I spent most of my time in bed with my acid reflux pillow. Photography for me always consisted of friends and social occasions, not very many romantic landscapes could be captured with such simplistic hardware. I soon progressed onto more capable equipment which helped me get a grasp for photography. I found myself carrying a small compact camera in my pocket everywhere I went, as it has helped to capture many short lived moments which would have only slipped away and remained in my memory.My Current Gear

I eventually bought my first Canon camera, the EOS 400D, a great entry level D-SLR camera which helped me to get a grip on the more challenging areas of photography. Soon after, I purchased a Canon EOS 40D, a great semi-pro D-SLR camera which has boosted my experience in photography to great lengths. Not only has it improved my experience with high speed photography, it has given me more confidence to get in there and capture the moment.

Experience in Photography

Born and raised in Ireland, I moved from the vast Curragh Plains in Co. Kildare to a very scenic, mountainous part of the country, South-West Kerry. Having access to stunning mountain ranges, coastal glaciated valleys and of course the beautiful sea side, I have been spoilt for choice with locations ideal for refining my photography. Considering I have mostly been exposed to the natural elements, you’ll notice a lot of my imagery has a natural feel to it. Having moved to more urban surroundings of Cork, I have gained great experience in Professional Model Photo-shoots and commercial advertising and press release publications.

Areas of Experience in Photography

  • Concert
  • Sport
  • Fashion
  • Commercial Advertising Productions
  • Model Portfolio Development
  • Textiles
  • Event
  • Wedding
  • Landscape
  • Wildlife
  • Architectural
  • Photojournalism

Photograph Publications

  • Irish Times
  • Stellar Magazine
  • Confetti Magazine
  • Irish Independent
  • Irish Examiner
  • Evening Echo
  • Kerryman

I take a Candid approach to Photography. This is fairly obvious throughout most of my work, with the occasional exception. If you like any of my work or wish to make suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for visiting my Photo Journal.


Contact Details

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