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Kenmare in all it’s glory

David Robinson Jewellery, Dublin – Advertising which contains a print which was captured during a Photoshoot with Ruth O’Mahony, displays custom Jewellery provided by David Robinson Jewellery

Derrynane Long Beach - Breaching the Wave Crest

Mallow Fashion Show

Parknasilla - Piano Man

Parknasilla - 'That loving feeling'

Parknasilla - Wedding Couple

Parknasilla - Wedding Couple

Sneem - 'Tradition in Time'

St. Finian's Bay - 'Silver Surfers'


St. Finian's Bay - Lone Surfer

This is a totally unmodified photo (apart from slight saturation adjustment) of three of the girls who I went with to Electric Picnic. It was taken in front of main stage. Fortunately the three ‘exposures’ you see here are as a result of a very long exposure, my flash and 2 strobes from the main stage resulting in a bizzare and need I say beautiful photograph.

Miss Ireland wearing an outfit designed by my sister during the pre-run at the NCAD Fashion Show hosted in Trinity College

While en route to the capital city of Albania (Tirana), we passed a number of amazingly old fashioned modes of transport. This photo of a couple on a Honda 50 shows the typical and primative means for which people have to get from A to B as a result of Albania’s social and economic collapse after the collapse  of a nationwide pyrimad scheme which plunged the country into gaining third world status including the collapse of a government in 1997 and riots in which over 2,000 people were killed.